Roomstorm is an exclusive alliance of hotels that saves your brand in case of emergencies. Our automated platform gets rooms for relocated guests in minutes, at B2B prices you can afford.

Our platform is 100% transparent and reliable—the rooms you book are yours, instantly.

Overbooking is a common practice in the industry—but a risky one, with unhappy guests frequently taking their frustration online.

Finding rooms at another hotel can be an inefficient process which takes hours of front desk time— as guests wait helplessly in the lobby. Our platform turns those hours into minutes, transforming a negative guest experience into a positive one.

In Case of Emergency, Use Roomstorm

Flooded rooms? Gas leakage? Electricity or heating issues? Roomstorm acts as an insurance policy for your brand’s reputation. Get get great rooms for your relocated guests in a frictionless manner.

Sell Excess Inventory for Instant Revenue

There are 13M distressed passengers a year in the US— and 1M relocated or “walked” guests. Tap into that market with Roomstorm, where you can also sell your inventory to other participating hotels and airlines. Whenever others are dealing with emergencies, you can increase your revenue.

Protect Your Hotel Brand from Damage

The average guest shares their experience, both online and in person, with at least 9 people. Next time you have to “walk” someone, bring them to a great place in minutes and save the relationship.

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