Every year 3.4 million passengers are affected by flight interruptions. People miss connections, flights are delayed and canceled, and weather conditions become too harsh to fly in.

Oftentimes, passengers can be abandoned overnight. These guests voice their concerns on social media, and a significant share of them will never book with your airline again.

Roomstorm helps you handle these situations with ease. Guarantee a positive relationship with distressed passengers, and a good standing on social media.

Don’t Lose Customers Due to Delayed or Canceled Flights

Next time there is a weather cancellation or delay, empower your customers to get a reasonably priced hotel within minutes. Use our white-labeled solution to access over 100,000 participating hotels, and retain loyalty to your brand and a positive relationship with your passengers.

Turn an IROP into a Great Customer Service Experience

Empower your agents to find a suitable hotel room for distressed guests in minutes. Our simple interface points you to the best rooms even in times of stress or trouble.

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