For Airlines

Protect your brand during flight delays and cancellations. Save threatened customer relationships and recover millions of dollars of lost revenue.

For Hotels

Reduce negative effects of overbooking and deliver great customer experience, even in an emergency. Sell rooms to other hotels and airlines.

Our Customers

Comprehensive Reaccommodation Solution

Whether you need to accommodate an overbooked guest, a few passengers who missed their connection, or 200 passengers from a cancelled flight, Roomstorm is a perfect solution for you.

Agent Interface

Ideal for accommodating up to 30 guests. Each booking takes about 30 seconds to a minute and guests receive real booking confirmations instead of vouchers, either via email, text or paper.


In case of a major travel disruption, our patent-pending Self-Service offering allows you to accommodate hundreds of passengers in just a few minutes, at the same time putting the passenger in charge and creating a positive experience.

Direct Connect

Roomstorm partners include Expedia, Hotelbeds and a few other bedbanks. In addition to that, any hotel can seel their inventory on our marketplace. The roomstorm icon next to the hotel name means the best price and direct connection to the hotel, while Roomstorm guarantees the reservation and payment reconciliation.


Roomstorm marks up hotel offerings on our platform up to a maximum of 10%, depending on market conditions. There are no other recurring charges, onboarding fees or any other hidden fees.

For hotels, selling on our platform is always free and we guarantee that you will receive the payment for all the rooms sold on our platform within 30 days.

Transform Emergencies Into Great Customer Experience

The average customer lifetime value in the travel industry is over $10,000. Every time a customer is “walked” or stranded in the airport overnight, that revenue is at risk. Roomstorm can help you save a threatened customer relationship, transforming an overbooking or a canceled flight into a strong, positive experience with your brand.

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